Skyfire / 天火危情

Base FX, Meridian Entertainment/Simon West. Cast – Jason Isaacs, Hannah Quinlivan.

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SkyFire Trailer 天火 Blockbuster China Kinostar

Skyfire Trailer 2

Teaser #1: Simon West’s “#Skyfire”

Jay Chou周杰倫【我是如此相信 Truly Believe】
(電影天火主題曲) Official MV

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Chinese-based companies Meridian Entertainment and Base FX are shopping “Skyfire” at Cannes, China’s first big-budget disaster movie, about a volcanic eruption. The film is directed by British helmer Simon West (“Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” “Con Air”) and stars Britain’s Jason Isaacs, Wang Xueqi (“Iron Man 3”), Shawn Dou (“Wolf Totem”) and Hannah Quinlivan (“Skyscraper”). Read more…

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SkyFire, a Chinese action disaster movie directed by Hollywood film director Simon West, is to hit the global screen later this year.

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