Long time

O my gosh, way too long since my last post.

What a lifechanging past few months.
After Team Toon ended, I focused on a few new things aside from production:

– buckled down and began working on my line (details soon to follow, sshhh)

– it’s about PEOPLE. as much as I love being in film/tv, i have, because of work, fell out of touch with a lot of wonderful people from my past. old friends, school mates, new friends. my expanded network has given me so many new inspirations and insights!

– I have been spending more time with Animal Care & Control and Mayor’s alliance for Homeless  Animals. My Chairman was my source of strength and support whenever I feel lost and defeated, since the very first day I adopted him. These causes give me perspective. Everyone, always adopt, forget pet stores!

What’s next: I have recently completed a commercial for a new Nikon camera, and also a music video/promo/photoshoot for a Sony artist.
Next week, I will begin an independent feature film that I’m looking forward to…after 8 months in television 🙂

…stay tuned. I will divulge more secrets regarding my clothing line and my upcoming feature soon!



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