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20 May 2012

Oh Cinemaworld how i love thee. First of all it’s 5 minutes away from my place in LIC, so it makes hauling my kit and wardrobe a breeze. Second of all, I just realized it is doggie friendly and my Chairman can start coming to set! Shooting with the talented Melissa George for HBO was a blast, check out her twitter and pic of the shoot http://twitter.com/#!/TheMGeorge/status/201014475975954433/photo/1 http://twitter.com/#!/themgeorge She brought with her the most beautiful Frenchie Glee. It was wonderful […]

06 May 2012

Post Comcast

What a week.  It’s a wrap on the Comcast shoot. Wish i could post some photos but i am sworn to secrecy. Let’s just say wardrobe dept kicked ass, dressed 20 people with 2.5 days of prep, dealt with extremely picky clients and agency, and had tons of fun while working our asses of. This upcoming week – back with HBO after a long long time, always love working with the folks over there, ESPECIALLY when I get to work […]

01 May 2012

this week i get to work with a designer I really look up to, Richie Owings on a Comcast Commercial, starring the gorgeous Sofia Vagara.  Richie and I met a few years back on the John Leguizamo feature Fugly!, which he designed and I supervised. One of the most talented, and patient professionals out there. Very excited!

16 Apr 2012

First post ever, learning how to use WordPress! My first picture obviously has to be a picture of Chairman Chow.