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“Chow feels that there needs to be a ‘cultural mindshift within the Asian community, in general,” with less emphasis on ‘pedigree.’ Studios also should empower Asian directors and producers to hire a more diverse crew below-the-line.”

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Agent – Claire Best and Associates

Vera’s first foray into costumes dated back to when she was a toddler. Her dad entered her into a children’s costume show for a company event, and amidst the kicking and screaming, maybe she secretly liked it. ($10 bucks if you can guess what she dressed up as!)She continued through school designing every school play, and won numerous local design and art competitions, eventually landing her a spot at Parsons School of Design and the European Institute of Design.


Fast forward some years, Vera is now an established costume designer in the film & television industry. You can usually find her hovering on set by craft services (especially when there is cheese), underneath a pile of smelly clothes in a costume shop, or tearing through stores and showrooms like the apocalypse is nigh. Outside of work, Vera will either be galavanting across the globe, picking things up putting things down at the gym, or hanging out with her sidekick Chairman Chow, a rescue dog who decided to adopt Vera via a dating website adopt-a-pet.com.