Oh Cinemaworld how i love thee.

First of all it’s 5 minutes away from my place in LIC, so it makes hauling my kit and wardrobe a breeze.
Second of all, I just realized it is doggie friendly and my Chairman can start coming to set!
Shooting with the talented Melissa George for HBO was a blast, check out her twitter and pic of the shoot


She brought with her the most beautiful Frenchie Glee.
It was wonderful to shoot with so many talented old friends in various departments. The day was long, but we got to do so many cool things, such as   gun shot gags, stunts, aerial stuff on cables and whatnot.

It was a great day, and reminds me again of why i enjoy my job. Sometimes i tend to forget.

Everyone watch out for HBO’s Hunted coming out soon!

And on that note, Back to Cartoon Network’s Team Toon. It’s a long ride, but you can’t beat sitting outside on the grass in the sun, with your puppy, for lunch everyday out in the burbs.

Leaving you all with a funny set picture from last week.


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